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Seawind New Boat Models

Seawind’s range of cruising catamarans are designed by Australians, uniquely for the purpose of allowing couples or families with limited or no cruising experience to safely and comfortably explore the bays, coastlines and islands and between Australia, Asia and across the Pacific. A decisive choice was made early to put sailing performance before pure volume, which is not the case of many modern catamaran designers. By having the main beds above the bridge deck rather than in the hull, allows narrower hull design which cut through the water more efficiently and faster. The benefits of this are that you get to your destination faster and don’t become frustrated by the lag of performance after days at sea or in moderate to light winds. Shelter then Visibility. The only twin helm design in the world that offers unrivaled protection from the harsh southern sun, rain and wind by being located behind a major bulkhead. Add to this, panoramic windows gives you complete visibility in bad weather, and the flexibility to steer from either side of the boat when sailing so you can properly trim your sails, or dock with an optional twin engine control.

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